What's Amity?

Amity is a social networking app with an integrated music player. It is the app where you can discover, share, and enjoy music.

Sharing music with Amity is easy. Just tap the heart button to share the song you are listening to. Add comments and hashtags to recommend your favorite songs to others.

You can share all of the vast number of songs that exist on Apple Music. Share your favorite songs that everyone else may not know about. And let everyone tell you about great songs you've never heard before.

The integrated music player makes it easy to play shared music. Just tap on the shared song and the song will play instantly.

You can comment on shared songs. By discussing the song with users in the comments, you can enjoy the pleasure of music more deeply. And you can make friends through music.

We hope that Amity will help you broaden your interest in music, make the most out of Apple Music and love music more than ever.


So Asano, Developer of Amity